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Reliable Taxi Service in Huntington Beach, California

From time to time, everyone needs a ride somewhere. Maybe you need a cheap taxi service to take you home for the holidays, maybe you need an airport taxi to pick you up after a long trip, or maybe you simply need a reliable taxi to help you run errands in town. Regardless of your destination, 24/7 Taxi Cab can get you where you need to go. When 24/7 Taxi Cab was founded, we set our sights far beyond our own bank accounts. Our goal is to provide the best experience for our customer rather than a large paycheck for ourselves. When we focused our energy on providing excellent service, we began to grow immensely. We truly desire to give our customers a true town car service by having them more than a simple taxi for hire.

24/7 Taxi Cab is a taxi service that is far more than a simple yellow cab service. You would think that all yellow cab, taxicab, and airport shuttle companies off the same type of service. However, that is simply not the case. Typical taxicab or shuttle service companies claim that they are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But the truth is, those yellow cab, taxi cab, and airport shuttle companies only run a few vehicles during slower times of the day, so it might take an hour or longer for a vehicle to reach your destination. However, at 24/7 Taxi Cab, we consistently work to exceed your expectations and provide you with the best town car service and taxi service in Huntington Beach, California.

Exceeding Expectations of a "Cheap Taxi"

At 24/7 Taxi Cab, we operate in a completely different way. Our cab drivers will pick you up in a short period of time and in a newer model black vehicle that is far more luxurious than any yellow cab you've ever been in. Our cab drivers provide stellar service that is unmatched by any other yellow cab, taxi cab, or airport shuttle company in the Huntington Beach, California area. Our quality fleet of the newest vehicles all come equipped with the latest technology to better serve our clientele. All of our cab drivers are fully insured and ready to give you a great discount taxi experience. If you're looking for a reliable taxi service with cheap cab prices, 24/7 Taxi Cab is the perfect solution. Our taxi service essentially offers elegant limo-style transportation for the price of a cheap cab.

Experience a New Type of Cab Driver

A cab drivers, regardless of the city he or she is in, generally has a persona that is not looked upon highly. Cab drivers in movies are typically portrayed as smelly, large, old men who ogle at women and try to rip off men. Welcome to 24/7 Taxi Cab in Huntington Beach, California. Prepare yourself to experience a new type of cab driver, and prepare to be pleased with the experience.

Our cab drivers are licensed, insured, and informed of the Huntington Beach, California area. Each cab driver sports a fancy, newer model black vehicle with the most impressive GPS and technological systems available. Each cab driver strives to give you an exceptional taxi cab experience.

Premier Cars

While the look of your discount taxi may not really matter, the comfort and peace of mind that that nasty yellow cab does not provide is likely a deal breaker. If you are searching high and low for a cheap taxi that is not going to give you an unpleasant experience, you've found the answer. 24/7 Taxi Cab has a variety of premier cars to meet and exceed your expectations for a luxurious taxi cab experience. All of our vehicles are black, so you won't have to worry about feeling like a goofball riding around in a big old yellow cab.

Our premier cars are some of the newest models of luxury sedans, and we have different types of vehicles to suit each customer's needs. Most of our vehicles in Huntington Beach, California can comfortably seat four people, but we also have larger shuttle service vehicles if a larger group wants to share a ride. To meet the needs of all of our customers, we offer wheelchair accessible taxi cab services as well. If you or something you love is in a wheelchair and needs a ride somewhere, give us a call or check out our new taxi app to book a taxi cab. Our wheelchair accessible cabs offer comfort and peace of mind to those traveling with disabilities and their families. If you need a wheelchair accessible cheap cab with exceptional service, contact 24/7 Taxi Cab in Huntington Beach, California today.

No More "Taxi, Taxi!" Thanks to Our New Taxi App

Remember all those days on a crowded city street calling, "Taxi, Taxi!" over and over again until a grumpy cab driver finally pulls up in his disgusting yellow cab to take you only a few blocks away whilst charging an arm and a leg for the ride? Well those days are over. 24/7 Taxi Cab has introduced a new taxi app, which allows you to book a reliable taxi with a simple tap on your phone. Our taxi app makes it easier than ever to select a time and a place to be picked up by an experienced and courteous driver from 24/7 Taxi Cab. You simply log on to the taxi app and click "request a taxi cab." From there you'll be prompted to enter your location, and then a taxi cab driver will be sent to you immediately. Once a request for a taxi service has been recorded on our taxi app, a cab driver usually arrives at your location within fifteen short minutes.

Airport Taxi or Airport Shuttle in Huntington Beach, California

If you need an LaX taxi or an airport taxi service to or from any other airport near Huntington Beach, California, contact 24/7 Taxi Cab today. We provide cheap taxi prices with high-quality service that is comparable to a fancy chauffer service. Our cab drivers can pick you up from your home or any other location and drive you to the airport, and you can also get an airport taxi when you return home from your destination. 24/7 Taxi Cab's airport taxis can also drive you to or from your hotel.

If you are traveling with a group or if you are traveling with a lot of luggage, 24/7 Taxi Cab offers an airport shuttle service that is far better and far more affordable than any other airport shuttle near Huntington Beach, California. A typical airport shuttle will charge a large amount of money for mediocre service and a bumpy, uncomfortable ride. Our airport shuttle service will give you peace of mind and time to relax before catching your flight or getting back to the daily grind at home. For an exceptional airport taxi or airport shuttle service, contact 24/7 Taxi Cab in Huntington Beach, California today.

Shuttle Service in Huntington Beach, California

If you need a shuttle service for something other than the airport, 24/7 Taxi Cab can help you out there as well. Maybe you're taking a family day trip, or maybe you work at a school or senior living center and you're planning a field trip. No matter what type of shuttle service you need, we've got you covered. 24/7 Taxi Cab has several large vehicles that fit bigger groups of people, and our drivers are equipped and ready to get you to your destination safely and quickly.

Book and Track

One of the best things about 24/7 Taxi Cab and our taxi app is our "Book and Track" feature. Using our website or our mobile taxi app, you can book a discount taxi to take to you to wherever you need to go. Once booked, you can track your cab driver using our taxi app. It will show you where your cab driver is and when he or she is expected to arrive at your Huntington Beach, California destination. Check out 24/7 Taxi Cab's website or taxi app today to explore our book and track feature.


When we begin talking about yellow cabs, airport shuttle services, taxi service, and taxi apps, Uber almost instantly comes to mind. But what is Uber? Uber Los Angeles began when the founders created a mobile taxi app that connects people who need taxi cab rides with people who give taxi cab rides. Uber rates vary depending on the type of taxi cab, the length of the trip, and the individual cab driver. Uber partners are cab drivers and other taxi services that provides rides to the people using Uber's taxi app. Uber locations are all across the United States, though Uber Los Angeles continues to be a big hub for taxi app users and Uber partners.

Uber Pricing and Uber Promo Code

While Uber cab drivers used to drive only luxury vehicles, like Cadillacs, BMWs, Mercedes, and more, Uber news reported that some customers were looking for different type of rides than just a fancy, luxurious town car service. Some people did, in fact, just want a cheap cab ride in a decent vehicle that wasn't a yellow cab. Some people began searching for Uber promo codes to lessen the already low Uber pricing. However, in order to fully satisfy its customers, Uber created UberX.


UberX is an even cheaper version of Uber, but both taxi services use the same car service app. UberX cars include mostly high-efficiently and more environmentally-friendly vehicles. UberX rates vary, just as Uber pricing does. For more information regard Uber and UberX, you can find the Uber phone number and more Uber news located on the Uber website. You can also find an Uber promo code to help reduce Uber rates even further.


Lyft is very similar to Uber in that it is a car service app that allows you to find a qualified Lyft driver to get a ride quickly. You might be wondering specifically how does Lyft work? You simply download the Lyft app and request a ride from a Lyft driver. The driver shows up to your Huntington Beach, California location within minutes, and you hop in the car and ride to your destination. You can pay your Lyft driver using the Lyft app, so no cash or Lyft credit code or Lyft promo code is needed.

Lyft vs Uber

Lyft reviews show that taxi cab customers are more than happy with their Lyft driver and experiences. There are various Lyft cities, including Lyft Los Angeles and Lyft Huntington Beach, California. Lyft Los Angeles is making headway to be right up there in competition with Uber. In the Lyft vs Uber debate, the results are really up in the air as to who will grow the most. Lyft prices are certainly comparable with Uber pricing, though Lyft rates might be more competitive in Huntington Beach, California. For more information about Lyft and to find Lyft promo codes, Lyft reviews, and Lyft prices, consult the Lyft app or contact a Lyft Driver in Huntington Beach, California.


Sidecar is another car service app that helps you to rideshare in the Huntington Beach, California area. Sidecar company created a sidecar app that allows you to pick a type of taxi service based on the vehicle, the cab driver, and the price. Sidecar claims that their sidecar app will provide you with a ride that's both quick and inexpensive, even without the Sidecar promo code.

Cheap Cab Prices with Luxurious Taxi Experience

24/7 Taxi Cab in Huntington Beach, California is excited for you to experience our cheap cab prices with a luxurious taxi experience. Our company provides a service that no one else in the Huntington Beach, California area offers. We pair cheap taxi rates with professional and experienced cab drivers and a quality fleet of highly technological vehicles to give you to best taxi service possible. If you are anywhere in or around the Huntington Beach, California area and you need a reliable taxi, contact 24/7 Taxi Cab today. Don't settle for just another yellow cab, taxi cab, or shuttle service company.