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Welcome to 24/7 Taxi Cab a full service premier taxicab and airport shuttle company in Orange County and North San Diego County. 24/7 Taxi Cab specializes in providing reliable, luxurious taxicab and airport shuttle service to any destination. If you need a taxicab, yellow cab, or airport shuttle in Orange County or in North San Diego County, 24/7 Taxi Cab is the taxicab company for you. Why choose the typical yellow cab or taxicab service when we offer superior taxicab service 24/7. We have six passenger minivans at the same price as a regular yellow cab or taxicab. Why take an airport shuttle? Airport shuttles make multiple stops and charge per customer. Airport shuttles costs you more then if you utilize our six passenger minivans.

24/7 Taxi Cab's new smart phone app for iPhone and Android makes ordering your taxicab quick and easy. Book your taxi cab in a matter of seconds and watch your 24/7 Taxi Cab come to you. Unlike other transportation apps our exclusive 24/7 Taxi Cab app allows you to book a reservation. So whether you need a taxicab right now or for a future date our app is just right for you. Download our app today.

Besides our state of the art smart phone app. 24/7 Taxi Cab utilizes state of the art turn-by turn GPS navigation dispatch software. We understand the most important thing to you is to have your taxicab driver arrive on time and know where they are going. That is why each of our taxicab vehicles is equipped with next generation specialized GPS dispatch systems. Another important feature is knowing that 24/7 Taxi Cab has the lowest taxicab rates in Orange County and North San Diego County and we accept all major credit cards. Our onboard taxicab computers have built in credit card machines which allow you to use your VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner's, and JCB credit cards. It only takes approximately 10 second to complete your credit card transaction so it not only fast and convenient but it saves you a trip to the ATM. The typical yellow cab, airport shuttle, and taxicab service in Orange County and North San Diego County are always looking to cut corners, but we spare no expense to provide you the best taxicab service period.

24/7 Taxicab provides you with the best GPS taxicab system, credit card processing, sedans, minivans, handicap minivans at the lowest rates. So next time you need a taxicab in Orange County or in North San Diego County you can make a reservation by calling us at 888-247-8294, online through our online reservations system, or through the 24/7 Taxi Cab app available now for download.


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